Vehicle Shipping

Take Care When Transporting Your Vehicle

  When moving household goods, an individual would select a reputable, respected company experienced in the transport of valuable items. The same care should be taken when selecting vehicle shipping companies to transport your vehicle. Metti International, having an excellent record in vehicle shipping with the Better Business Bureau has been transporting customer’s valuable possessions since 1993, providing safe and careful delivery of their client's cars and trucks.


INSURANCEMetti International : Car Insurance
  The federal government requires vehicle shipping companies to carry liability insurance before they are allowed to legally transport vehicles. However, this required insurance alone does not always protect automobile owners in the event of an accident that damages your vehicle. Even though Metti International verifies that, every vehicle transporter carries the proper insurance to protect your vehicle and does a through check of the transporters history to make sure they are not accident-prone. For your own peace of mind, keep your vehicle insured with your own insurance and choose an experienced broker that knows what insurance is needed.

  Metti International helps contain costs by having access to over 4,000 trucking companies and over 35,000 drivers. Having a hand on the pulse of the vehicle transport routes and determining space left on carriers trucks, Metti International can help to fill the driver's truck and get the clients a reasonable cost.


  Metti International is a broker that primarily utilizes large open car carriers similar to the ones used for transporting new vehicles from the factory. Auto trailers have special suspensions to keep your vehicle from being jarred on the open road. If you have a vehicle that is exceptionally special and requires extra care, Metti International will use enclosed trailers with which to provide that extra special attention.

Metti International: Transport VehicleSERVICE
  When you decide to transport your vehicle, Metti’s door-to-door service will pick-up the vehicle at the address of your choice, transport it, and deliver it to the address desired. Personal care and service is also provided on International shipments. The vehicle can be picked-up, transported to the port, readied for shipment and loaded onto the transport ship. All you need to do is make the phone call. When selecting from the large number of vehicle shipping companies, be sure to select an organization capable of satisfying your needs. Contact Metti International to learn more or obtain a quote.





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