Car Shipping Quotes California Florida

How long does it take to ship my car?

Shipping times average 5-14 days. Cross country transport is likely to be the most lengthy. Up to14 days, while Midwest to either coast, and North to South transports being approximately 5-8 days.

What size carrier is the best to transport my automobile on?

The size of the truck/trailer doesn’t matter. You may think that you’ll get a quicker transport with a smaller trailer, but that isn’t always true. Choose the auto transport company whose business style accommodates you in a timely and professional manner. The security of your vehicle, along with a timely delivery should be the most important thing when choosing a carrier.

Should I pay an ’up charge’ for a lower insurance deductible?

DEFINITELY NOT! Most Auto shipping companies have a deductible that likely ranges from $200-$2000. You should not be responsible for paying that deductible no matter what damages your vehicle has encountered.

Can I transport personal items in my vehicle?

The standard in the auto transport industry is that you remove all your personal items from your vehicle during transport. The auto transporters insurance coverage does not include any coverage for personal items. Not to mention the additional weight to your auto transport. You’ll be paying more money to move the items and they are not insured should a problem arise.

Does a truck or SUV cost more to ship than a compact or sedan?

Yes. Auto transport fees are based on weight and size. This is the reason that the charge for transporting your Truck will be slightly higher than transporting your Sedan.

What paperwork should I leave in my vehicle during transport?

When shipping your automobile the only required paperwork is the initial inspection report (also known as a bill of lading ). This is your documentation as to the condition of your vehicle prior to transport. You should use this to compare your vehicles condition upon acceptance of delivery. You may want to consider keeping your title, registration, and proof of insurance with you during the transport.

How does Auto Transport actually work?

The process is quite simple. Your vehicle is picked up either at your home or an auto terminal and is delivered to your new destination. You will be contacted by the carrier 12-24 hours in advance arranging for the pick-up. The driver will inspect and document your automobiles condition prior to loading it on the trailer. You should receive a call 12-24 hours prior to arriving at your destination. He will again inspect and document your autos’ condition upon arrival. You should personally inspect your vehicle for damages prior to taking possession upon delivery.

What does a “pick-up window” mean?

Auto transporters refer to the time associated with your pick-up as a ’window’ of time. For example you may be considering comparable service between a couple of carriers with 7 day or 14 days window.


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