Auto Moving Companies in San Diego

San Diego, perched at the very edge of Southern California, is one of America's most gorgeous and exciting cities. The metropolis strides the border of the USA and Mexico, where it lies between the ocean and a mountain range that is more than a mile high. It is hot, cold, dry, damp, and dusty. San Diego is a great place to have a car but not a great place to drive a car to. Simply driving over the mountains on Interstate 8, with the steep hills and the blazing sun, is enough to take years off the life of your vehicle.

Why not use an auto transport company instead? A bonded freight courier that specializing in auto transportation and car shipping can save the price of delivery just in wear and tear on your car alone, not counting the gasoline and time that it takes to drive it yourself. After all, your time is valuable. If you spend enough hours driving your car there, you save no money at all. Better to earn the money, hire the bonded broker, and keep the difference.

When you are looking for the perfect auto moving company, San Diego can be a tough market. The difficulty of federal laws, California state legislation, and cross-border international licensing can make even the most experienced car transporter scratch their heads. There is a very complex legal framework that must be understood in order to properly do business in San Diego. Always consult with the Better Business Bureau to find a vehicle shipping company in San Diego who knows what they are doing. It is essential to protect your valuable asset with a bonded and well-respected transporter. You will need your car in San Diego, so make sure that it arrives in one piece.

San Diego is a city of hills and valleys. San Diego County stretches from sea level to a mile above it, and you will want to make sure to explore every piece of it. You may even want to drive to Mexico, and everyone knows that the only way to visit Mexico is by car. Make sure you get your vehicle there and protect your quality of life. The sunny Southern coast of California is open to you, and Baja California as well. A bonded, insured, and reliable auto shipping service is the exact right tool to bring your car home to meet you.


My Mustang left Michigan and arrived in California, on time,perfect condition!Don't doubt using this Company! -
Denise A San Francisco CA
They are truly the exception in the auto transport business. Thank you guys for your kindness and exceptional service! -
Cheryl H Port Aransas TX
I was looking to ship my car from San Diego, CA to Pennsylvania. After waiting nearly a week for a different company to find me a carrier I decided to look elsewhere. I was in a bit of a time crunch now, it was Friday and I was looking to have my car shipped by Sunday. I gave Joe a call when speaking with him he said it would take him a day or two max to find a carrier. Well I kid you not 15 minutes after hanging up with him he calls back to say he has found 2 carriers! It is now Sunday, my car was picked up as promised and estimated delivery is sooner than I expected. The price was just a bit higher than the original company but he actually got the job done. -
Ivy G San Diego CA
On time,reliable and always easy to communicate with. -
Peter Milford Michigan
Metti International provided me with a service that was dependable and punctual. -
Diane Ballston Lake NY
Honest and professional! -
Tom Ashville NC
The timing could not be more perfect. I got off the plane and picked up my vehicle near the airport. -
Matthew Glenview IL
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We received an on-time pick up and delivery. Easy to work with the staff and proved to be very flexible. -
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I used Metti International twice and all went smoothly. I am planning to use them again. -
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M Nusz SanteeCA
I have been using Metti International Vehicle Transporters for years. They are very realiable, honest, and easy to deal with. -
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A very enjoyable experience. I was assured that the two vehicles would arrive unharmed, and they did. -
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They were great! -
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